This body of work is newly created for Stephanie Hirsch's powerful solo exhibition presented by Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York in April, 2019. Known for her adept use of typically “feminine” processes such as embroidery and beading, Stephanie Hirsch expands on the concept of femininity to express an internal strength of the soul. At the core of this body of work is Hirsch’s belief that the only way to heal and unite humanity is to first focus inward and heal ourselves. Individual power develops when one can escape the fears, behaviors, and perceived limitations put in place by societal expectations. For Hirsch, it is not a physical battle, but a spiritual one.

The notion of King Kong immediately conjurs up an image of insurmountable size and strength. Hirsch’s work challenges the physicality King Kong represents and the qualities embodied by ascribing them to a feminine power. Her references to the Greek goddesses symbolize a duality of beauty and strength which is echoed in her practice of laborious hand-embroidery and beading. The resulting works are aesthetically intricate but also resolutely resilient. 

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