Michelangelo once said, “When he looked at raw marble he saw figures struggling to be set free.” In her latest body of work titled Goddess; Hirsch continues themes of power, courage, humanity and strength. She uses beading and embroidery as a medium that are both sculptural and painterly. Born of the ancient goddesses, Hirsch’s work is inspired by sculptures like the iconic Nike of Samothrace and Aphrodite. She appropriates these qualities both literally and figuratively. Goddesses’s or Queens (as Hirsch likes to refer to them) are known for their action, triumph, intuition, sexuality, sensuality and passion. These female forms have no need to hold back as they strive boldly paving their own ways.  Their curves only reinforce their feminine powers. Hirsch incorporates hidden messages of ownership of self, our innate internal power and being true to oneself within the veins of the embroidered marble with statements such as “I am mine before I am anyone else’s” and “I’d rather feel everything then nothing st all.” Hirsch states; “Life with all its up and downs, good and bad are all part of the human experience. Without the dark and light we would not be made whole.”
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