Hirsch's solo show Meditation Wheel: Journey to the center of the Soul, presented by Winston Wächter Fine Art serves as a metaphorical representation of a walking labyrinth into the self. By appropriating the concept of the Mandala, she incorporates its symbolic and spiritual elements into her artistic practice. Mandalas are often regarded as sacred symbols representing wholeness, harmony, and the universe.

Hirsch has returned to her choice medium of beads for this body of work. By using beads as her artistic medium, she has found a way to convey her ideas and themes effectively. The reflective qualities of beads symbolize the process of introspection and self-discovery. The act of working with beads also provide Hirsch with a tactile and meditative experience, allowing her to further delve into her own thoughts and emotions as she creates.

Hirsch’s Meditation Wheel incorporate snippets of her own musings and other writings into her artistic practice, selecting those that hold a profound significance for self-transformation. By integrating these meaningful words, she is able to infuse her work with personal reflections and insights. This process allows her to express her own journey of self-discovery and growth while also drawing from the wisdom and experiences of others. By weaving together these different sources, Hirsch invites the viewer to contemplate and connect with the transformative messages in a Meditative state.

Buddha states “All experiences are preceded by mind, having mind as their master, created by mind.” Hirsch believes this highlights the profound influence of the mind on our experiences. She states “our thoughts and perceptions shape our reality. By becoming our own inner master one can manifest the life that they desire, find peace in their soul and become unconquerable.”
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